Is this the real life…

Captcfbba12354494e3e92eb10eec0a31f56pira… Is this just fantasy? What do you think? Which ones are the real Astros: this lean, mean hitting machine we’ve seen recently, with all its pieces healthy and in good shape, or those anemic bats we’ve had to endure during the whole season?

Six homers were shot during the game, two of them by Aubrey Huff, who took the lid off himself and drove in six runs, going 3-for-4; Craig Biggio, Jason Lane and Luke Scott also joined the party… alongside Roy Oswalt, who belted his first dinger in quite a long time.

Some explosive hitting nonetheless, and it all went one-way: 14 runs and 15 hits for the Astros; 1 run and 4 hits for the Pirates; all of them earned by Oswalt, who put on a solid display throughout 7 frames.


Last nights game was outstanding… I watched Oswalt’s home run(from the Astros website) about 5 times this morning and just kept smiling.. The silent treatment in the dugout was classic. I’m assuming that was Lance’s idea. I heard it’s a tradition for every first timers home run, but I don’t see that tradition being done very often. That picture you have up is typical Roy-O. He knows he did good, but doesn’t really want to show it.. but couldn’t help but at least crack a smile. The curtain call was awesome! Good job by the fans letting Roy O know he’s appreciated! Hopefully he’ll get a contract worked out soon.

The game was funny, and kind of weird. You wonder how the Pirates have 40 wins. Hopefully Huff has turned things around, and if he, Mo and Scott keep swinging the sticks behind Berkman then we’ll be fine for one playoff spot.

I did have to pinch myself during the game.

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