The Toro show

Captfcf2e5a931b7424b860ad2c8b05a6ecfcubsThis team has proved us they’re on their way back; despite the fact they’re 5-5 on their last 10 contests. But there’s certainly a scientifically-tested antidote for any signs of offensive life the Astros might experience. Carlos Zambrano.

The Venezuelan pitcher neutralized the Houston lumber yet again, with eight scoreless innings, with barely 4 hits. Roy Oswalt also had a good appearance, with 2 runs in seven frames.

However, what worries us the most is the bruised wrist he got after Ronny Cedeo got a hard-liner. His status is day to day.

Zambrano and his stuff are no fluff, he is one of the best pitchers currently in baseball. If only the Astros found a way to break his spell. Not an easy task, to say the least.


sometimes i do wonder how much work our lineup does. They do have scouts? They do have video footage to study? We have a lineup of slow learners. To get shutdown by Zambrano three times this season is stupid.

Ensberg and co. need to sort it out or our season ends October 2nd. Frustrating to say the least.

We’re treading water son, it’s almost danger time.

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