Reserved prognosis

Cvmgpe33I go on a trip for a few days (thanks Thomas for keeping the fort), and what do I find on my way back? The Astros are in such a compromising position that even the ever-optimistic Phil Garner recognizes that if this week goes the wrong way for them, they will have to kiss any postseason hopes goodbye.

Due to a negative series against the Padres, a sweep courtesy of Carlos Zambrano, rookie Ryan O’Malley and the Chicago Cubs, and a split series with the Brewers, what seemed to be a positive recovery became nothing but an illusion. (Roger Clemens had a great outing today, by the way, and the Astros won 3-1).

So, the bad news keep on piling up: Brandon Backe goes on the DL again, Brad Lidge is unable to rediscover himself, and that’s why Garner has decided to go for the infamous "closer-by-committee" situation.

When I heard that, I tried myself to NOT consider this season dead, by any means. How hard it is, though.

The recipe for a National League championship last year was not the stuff of rocket scientists: keeping opposing bats quiet, and in the ninth, Lidge taking care of business for a quick and painless closing job. That’s why the anemic hitting we saw wasn’t trouble at all.

This year, things are quite different. Lidge goes back and forth and gets stripped of his closing title TWICE already. And despite all the efforts in trying to get the bats swinging, it has been impossible, apart from the notable exceptions of Mike Lamb, Luke Scott and Lance Berkman. A recipe for disaster, no doubt.

I have never liked to be a naysayer and a prophet of doom. But I can’t deny this week (despite the allegedly weak rivals they would face) is of reserved prognosis for the ‘Stros. Any slip, and we must start thinking about 2007.

I will confess you, this is not easy to digest for yours truly. Despite I try to keep my objectivity at all times, I consider this moment a very hard one and tough to deal with. We’ll wait and see.


What is wrong with this guy? He’s a lean mean quality start eating machine.

As for our offense and Brad Lidge…well the less said the better. Not to mention three pitching injuries over the past week. Berkman’s slowed up too.

Well if we pull this one off people will be talking about it to the end of time.

Welcome back Raffy! You’ve been missed! I was beginning to think you got kidnapped! I kept checking on G-mail to see if you were on to no avail. Things are pretty rocky now, but there’s still a chance. A sweep of this series would be awesome, and then we play the Bucs for 4 which should help us tremendously… Two series sweeps in a row isn’t too much to ask.. is it? We need to be close to the lead in the Wild Card by the end of this week or our chances of survival are slim to none.. no matter how bad we’ve played so far, the rest of the league has somehow played just as bad and kept us in the hunt for October. Hopefully House will provide some extra pop in place of Ausmus..

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