If it only were like this all the time…

R100678277Yesterday, we saw the Astros playing the way we’ve always wanted to see them play. Six runs in the seventh inning, supporting a well-deserving Roy Oswalt, stable after granting two early runs.
That win against Cincinnati 7-3 was also the moment for a new franchise record: Willy Taveras has 26 games in a row batting at least a hit; something quite impressive for a player known for the sacrifice bunt and speed.
Phil Garner has made any amount of changes trying to spark a dormant offense, the last one bringing first baseman J.R. House. Fernando Nieve will stay for a while on the DL and Chris Sampson will stay in the Show.
6 games separate the Astros from the Wild Card.

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I hope they didn’t bring in House to get starts at first base… that’s taking starts away from Lamb who has deserved starts so far this season. They need to give House 2-3 starts a week at catcher and let him pinch hit for the rest of the time(this givin that he actually hits while he’s up here).


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