Is it over?

If there’s something you can count on, it’s on a good pitching performance from Roger Clemens. The stellar hurler got his 347th lifetime win tonight against the Pittsburgh Pirates, 5-1.

Clemens was on the mound for six innings in which he allowed 6 hits and a run; I have run out of words to describe the Rocket.

Craig Biggio told that the Astros are trying to stay focused despite the fact they have lost 10 of their last 14 games. At least Willy Taveras is right on target, going 3-for-5 with a RBI, in his 28th straight game batting at least a hit.

Should the Astros throw the towel on this season? What do you think?


Throw in the towel? No way!

It would be amazing if the Astros make the playoffs, but there’s no reason to give up. There’s still a chance.

The goal should be reaching .500. Let’s focus on that and see where we are in the race when we get there.

the 3 in a row against the Pirates was good, but when he keep winning against better teams then I’ll feel more assurred.

We did exactly the same thing at the start of the last homestand (beat the Pirates) then got blown away by the Cubs.

Never throw in the towel.. You never know.. we could have the wildcard lead before the week is up.. it’s doubtful, but possible. We’ve won 3 in a row and the Reds have lost 3 in a row.

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