A well-deserved birthday present

Capt28bdfaca77784ef992ff73928ec16a82astrAll Astros fans were looking forward to this: Everyone pointed out that signing Roy Oswalt at all means necessary should be one of the team’s priorities. Their prayers have been answered.
Last night the organization announced a contract extension for Roy-O, for 5 years and $73 million, with an option for a sixth season. If there was any doubt of why Oswalt deserved that honor among casual baseball observers, they only needed to watch last night’s game, when Roy, in his 29th birthday, kept the Milwaukee Brewers silent, granting barely 4 hits and 3 runs, fanning 7.
Obviously, this is a well-deserved recognition to a short yet remarkable career, in which Oswalt has gone through all steps in organized baseball.

"Coming in from a small town, no one really paid attention to me, and Houston had the scouts to come and watch me grow as a pitcher and go through the college ranks and stuck with me through the minor leagues", Oswalt said. "I came in as a low draft pick, and they gave me every opportunity, and they moved me up, at the time I thought was slow, but now I see what they were trying to do. A lot of guys think they should be up here straight out of high school or college, but you learn a lot in the minor leagues, and I think they do a real good job with the guys down there and letting them get innings and learn how to pitch and not rushing them too much".

"I?ve talked to a lot of guys in different organizations, and the guys who have been here in Houston, there is more bragging about playing for this club than any other club, even the guys who play for the big market club". "I told my agent Bob that I really wanted to stay in Houston. If we could get something done, I?d love to stay here. We have the team to win, last year we played unbelievable ball, and we have the same structure here to win. Hopefully over the next four or five years, we can put the team together, including this year. We?re making a good run at it, and the team is starting to have fun playing, and that?s the biggest goal for us. Once you start having fun, you can roll off nine or 10 straight, so hopefully we get on a roll, and get back into the playoffs".

Oswalt surely will give the Astros and its fans plenty of other reasons to feel proud about him.


Hopefully this signing will be a huge boost to the Astros for the rest of the season. Drayton just showed the world that he means business and isn’t “cheap” like some have called him in the past.


having Berkman and Oswalt locked up is very good for the future of the Astros.

4 wins in a row too! Onwards and upwards from here on in.


Oswalt deserves it. Think about this: we are now seeing the future Astro greats – this is the next group of franchise players, and I couldnt be happier. Good players – and good guys.


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