Almost perfect

Capt7c2be29453f54b268427b7af3631621bmetsThis latest series between the Mets and Astros was really intense down to the final out. No one can say attendants didn’t get their money’s worth. Three battles fought, and despite the fact the Astros didn’t win the first two contests; we were able to see in the rubber game that there’s no exaggerating in offering Roy Oswalt that contract extension.

While Oswalt flirted with perfection during seven innings, we saw him silence one of the most powerful offenses in baseball effortlessly. He struck out 9, and it wasn’t until a debatable single by Jose Reyes that the Roy-O spell wasn’t over.

Brad Lidge granted a solo homer to Carlos Delgado in the ninth, however, the Astros won by the minimal 2-1. We can’t focus our reporting other than Oswalt’s wizardry, inches away of getting one of the hardest feats in all of baseball.

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That was an awesome game.. Roy was great.. Me and my sister-n-law (at the game) were argueing whether that hit to Everett should have been an error or a hit. I said hit, she thought error.. but with Reyes’ speed, I think it would have definitely been a hit. Oh well.

Delgado’s homerun was a blast.. Thankfully they didn’t score the inning before.

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