Not giving up

Capt9b15959f51c448c2a77b3bcca717de20astrThe Astros know their chances of reaching the postseason are slim, but that’s not a reason to give up altogether. They know they have to keep looking until there’s no more chance to do it. That’s what we saw last night, when Aubrey Huff with a solo shot capped a comeback win 4-3 against the Milwaukee Brewers.

We also saw something we haven’t seen in quite a while: a Morgan Ensberg tater. As he told, he must take advantage of each and every opportunity he has in order to prove us he’s not lost all of that great stuff we saw from him last season.

And we saw the usual order of business as well: seven solid innings by Roy Oswalt. What else can we say about him? I’m getting repetitive just by talking about him. He’s one of the best out there. Period. And also one of the most consistent ones, no doubt about it.

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every game seems a must win nowadays. Hope Ensberg can be productive in the at bats he gets, and if he is he’ll get more.

A series sweep will leave us at .500.

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