Educating Brad

Capt32951160e46c41c998dd42bdf4caf92ecardYou saw it coming: Dan Wheller is the new Astros closer. Brad Lidge will have a new role on the Astros bullpen; and this is all about giving him more chances to improve his current situation.

We wrote an article on about all of this. It will be posted soon. This will give him a chance to recover, first and foremost, his faith in himself; and to extend his pitching repertoire to a point. That’s the key to any pitcher’s survival, and Lidge is not the exception.

Now it’s Wheeler’s turn at closer. Something quite predictable, and now we’ll see the results; at least he got his first save, in a game in which Houston shout doubles everywhere.

The powder sometimes is late in making combustion; but it always explodes in the end.


Hey man… kind of shocked to see this. Not because I didn’t think it needed to be done, I just didn’t figure Garner would pull the string so quickly. This makes my prediction that White will get more saves than Lidge look like it could actually come through. I’m sort of coming to the conclusion that Lidge could be done as an elite closer in the bigs. I haven’t lost hope, but he’s not giving us much reason to believe that he will return to form.

-Stros Bro

Hello all! Man, I tell you all something, I’m all for giving one a shot at redemption! And I remember not long ago when I got that great feeling when “LIGHTS OUT” Lidge came to the mound, man I tell you, It’s was money in the freak’n bank. The Calvary was on it way to save the day! Now? all i feels is “Oh my God! Here we go! I hate the fact that this talent got totally screwed up by none other that Albert Pujols, that bloody skank! I’m just glad that they are where we were! I hope to God they stay there!! Dead Last!

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