What diet is he on?

Capt2c52e08979f5475d84122649cfc97d64astrWhen you get to see a ballplayer doing something similar to what Carlos Lee did tonight against the Philadelphia Phillies, you usually say "I want to eat the same thing he’s had". Considering that Panama-born Lee had been under a revised regime in order to shed off the extra pounds, we can only say we’d love to do the same diet he is on.

Lee has shown a lot of pop so far; but this night it was too much: three homers, including a grand slam, for 6 runs batted in; making the difference for a Houston win over Philly 9-6. It was undoubtedly the force needed to keep the ship sailing through after a not-so-hot night for Roy Oswalt.

Probably was the unforgiving weather, cold and chilly; but Oswalt wasn’t as his best: he allowed 6 runs off 6 innings tossed. However, the bullpen was at its best: Brad Lidge (yes, you read right, Brad Lidge), Rick White, Trever Miller, Chad Qualls and the new closer Dan Wheeler combined for nothing but zeros on the scoreboard during their respective outings.

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If Lee keeps that up, he can eat whatever he wants. It does appear he’s dropped a few pounds though. I think him and Lance are about the same size now. Now if we can just get Lance to start hitting like Mr. Lee. Still not worried about Lance, but a 4 for 5 night would be nice.

-Stros Bro


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