How far is heaven

Capta0aa10d5b4e4497d9583e5f6044107edmarlIt was a bit hard for the Astros to get that victory against the Marlins in the first game of this current mini-homestand. After the huge lack of control shown by Florida starter Anibal Sanchez, who had a hard time finding the strike zone, walking 6 in 5 innings. Houston left 13 men stranded for the whole game, against 7 for the Marlins.

Wandy Rodriguez was more efficient than his rival, though. He got 1 run, 3 walks and fanned 5 off 6 innings tossed. But how hard it was for the Astros to get that definitive advantage, which they finally got with a bases-loaded single by Morgan Ensberg on the bottom of the 9th for a final of 4-3.

It was a nice, entertaining ballgame indeed, not boring at all and keeping tension throughout the whole nine frames; but we can’t deny it was somewhat irritating to see how the Astros could produce so little with so many possibilities thrown at them. The Marlins released the leash just enough so they could regain control in the end. Until it was no longer possible, when the Astros loaded the bags.

Tomorrow it’s the final game of this mini-series. Sounds like a nice game to watch.

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Good thing you have both an English and a Spanish blog…I got the gist of the Spanish entry, but if I’d had to comment on it in Spanish, it wouldn’t have made much sense. 🙂

Anyway, I’d hope that tomorrow’s game would go well (and like you said, a good game to watch). Roy will be back in his preferred pitching climate, and Mitre is no ace of the staff. But we’ll see…go Astros!

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