Turning things around

Capt08966c8a7be546128b96761472e1bd5castrWhat a great night to be a baseball fan: John Maine flirted with a no-hitter. Mark Buerhle tossed one. I don’t have in my immediate memory (I’m still a young guy, methinks) another evening like this one, in which two pitchers were so close to get that amazing feat, practically at the same time.

Meanwhile, back at Cincinnati, the Astros proved themselves they can turn things around, and in what a fashion. Last night’s 7-2 win was a demonstration of how Phil Garner can move his pieces and you cannot stand still looking for results.

Mike Lamb and Jason Lane are not precisely everyday starters, however, they were included in last night’s lineup, and they were, alongside pinch-hitter extraordinaire Orlando Palmeiro, the ones who brought in the runs for the Astros, driving in runs and getting the job done.

And that’s even better since, if that late reaction didn’t happen, a great pitching outing by Chris Sampson (7 IP, 2 ER, 2 BB, 2 SO) would have gone to waste.

By the way, the Astros are over .500.


Depending on how young you are, on June 29th, 1990..Dave Stewart in Oakland and Fernando Valenzuela with LA both had no-hitters.
I have a bet for a cheesesteak with my co-host John Marzano that Carlos Lee will hit at least 35 homers this year!



Thanks Vinny for the tip. I gotta tell ya, back in 1990 I was approximately 12 years old… Am I invited for the cheesesteak as well?

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