Oh, put me in Coach

Captb1b96cd189fd47a0bd122688da1a0acfastrIf there’s something the Astros have shown us these days, is the many resources they have in order to get the job done.

On Wednesday, Jason Lane came off the shadows, and on Thursday, Luke Scott threatened to keep on his torrid pace from last season, jacking a homer in a 2-for-3 evening for him, complete with a double and 4 RBI. Scott was undoubtedly the big factor for Houston’s victory over the Reds 8-6.

This outfield depth sometimes might even be creepy. This competition (involuntary or not) for keeping themselves on the starting lineup is amazing. Just look at what happened during the 2-game Cincy series. Jason Lane has 9 driven in and 4 homers and is not an everyday starter. Just yet.

Things are such that people are not really concerned (hey, it’s still early and plenty to go, so no reason to panic over here) over the fact that Lance Berkman is batting .213 and has only hit a dinger.


YOU are always invited to have the cheesesteak! I think i can get John to spot us all cheesesteaks until we pass out! Enjoy the weekend baseball



I’m SO glad to see Lane hitting, especially after his tough season at the plate last year. I hope he can keep it going with the small amount of playing time he’s getting…

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