Not enough

Capt6e7955a209094f439c2d3226f202ab9fpadrThe trading deadline has passed, and in a somewhat recurrent fashion, the Astros didn’t cause a stir at all.

This Saturday we learned about Ty Wigginton coming to Houston from Tampa Bay (the lines of communication with Gerry Hunsicker are still open, alive and well). In order to give a roster spot for Wigginton,  Morgan Ensberg was designated for assignment. Ensberg finally ended up with the San Diego Padres for a player to be named later.

Tampa Bay got Dan Wheeler, a good setup man who has even played as a closer during those moments in which serious doubts about Brad Lidge were raised for the first time. The Astros do not have exactly what we might call "a congestion of talent" in the bullpen. That’s why giving up a piece such as Wheeler indicate an order of priorities the club has and that might seem like a puzzle when we look at it for the first time.

Wigginton became a fan favorite with his happy and hustling style of baseball; however he has shown defensive flaws at Third. He might become a good complement to guys such as Mike Lamb and Mark Loretta, and hopefully, if things go well as planned, he might help them alongside Chris Burke, platooning in an attempt to make the absence of Craig Biggio just a bit easier for us.

Ensberg cannot complain about a lack of opportunities. Indeed, he had plenty of those with the Astros. Sadly, his health didn’t help him and his slump was a bit too long after all. He’s a good man, a classy player with a huge human quality, now he has a change of pace and mood, in his native California and with a contending team. In the end, life and baseball give him a wonderful opportunity to vindicate himself, something that the Astros cannot afford to give him anymore.

However, this doesn’t solve the structural problem the Astros have. I don’t mean to diminish what Wigginton might represent, but we are left with this sour taste and feeling that they could have done a bit more. Just a bit more.

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