Encounters and farewells

Captc2e87158c36a4c4b8bd19266c0701e0apiraI know my friend Bernardo is going to laugh when he reads the title to this post. But it encapsulates what we lived today in Houston, when the Astros finally retired Jeff Bagwell’s number 5, going with this involuntary tone of nostalgia set on the 2007 season, first saying goodbye to the great first baseman, who always epitomized the best and brightest the Astros could be; and then seeing Craig Biggio calling it quits after batting his 3,000th hit.

Bagwell wasn’t quite fond of the spotlight in his playing days, and that’s why he looked a bit uncomfortable being the center of attention at Minute Maid. But it was certainly deserved nonetheless. It was the least thing that could be done for such an important career.

This is a time in which the Astros seem to come full circle, in saying farewell to Biggio and Bagwell. A new era is beginning, and this is a time at a crossroads. Times for trial and error, see some young and talented players work the kinks out and see how things could be in 2008.

Personally, I’d love to see Jason Jennings coming back from surgery in top shape. Next year, that is. If he comes back in an Astros uniform, all the better. There are plenty who would love to throw stones at him; but in all truth, he tried to do his best in such adverse circumstances. It just simply didn’t work out. Despite the fact that, personally, I thought too many chips were dealt in the Jennings trade, we knew it was a very risky gamble from Day One.

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