B-G-O! B-G-O!

BgoWhen the 2007 season started, we knew it was going to be a year of huge changes within the Astros organization. But we never thought we’d see so many twists and turns.

New manager, new GM, and now Craig Biggio, after 20 seasons of achieving every imaginable milestone, bids farewell as an active player.

A crowd of 43,000-plus said goodbye to the Great Biggio today at Minute Maid Park. It was a moment filled with emotions, slowly building up during this final series against the Atlanta Braves, until today’s heartfelt ceremony.

Biggio thanked the crowd. With a tip of his hat, the ceremonies ended and the baseball started.

Many feelings and sentiments were echoed in the many banners and signs fans displayed at Minute Maid. "Biggio began playing when I was 5, today I’m 25 and he will be my hero forever". "Thanks for the ride, Craig. "Biggio, from H-Town to C-Town".

I don’t believe there’s a single Astros fan in this world who doubts Biggio’s Hall of Fame credentials, being the only MLB player to reach more than 600 doubles, 250 home runs, 3000 hits and 400 steals.

And despite all of this, there will always be the class displayed on and off the field, his commitment to social causes and the way he formed the Astros identity, alongside Jeff Bagwell.

We’ll sure miss the Great Biggio a huge deal. And we’ll always thank him for so many good memories.

We anticipated this moment and we knew it was going to happen, but no one and nothing made us ready for it. We admit it. Fans felt many things, and they passed it along to us.


With Biggio’s farewell, the Astros 2007 ends. A huge thank you for those who read us throughout the season in our blogs, our articles and for logging on to astros.com and astrosdehouston.com. It sure was a year in which our Stros didn’t live up to expectations, but never dull and we shared plenty of great moments we’ll always treasure. Thanks for those who supported us, and to all of you for reading us.

We’ll take a short break, but we’ll return very shortly.

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