Tell me why

Capt205372615a744148a3e4ad96aa79f5a9astrThis series against the Brewers has been interesting, to say the least. Last night, Craig Biggio jacks a Grand Slam and gives Houston their advantage for a win against Milwaukee.
However, Brad Lidge appears at the ninth frame with a somewhat comfortable advantage, and walks become his cross to bear. Phil Garner tried, we think, to put him yet again in a final inning situation to set him loose; the fact is there’s something (we don’t know what yet) that doesn’t allow Lidge to feel good with himself when handling the ninth. What is it? We’ll wait and see. Just don’t put him in there for the 9th yet.

Tonight, things were a bit different. The Astros tried to stage a late-inning comeback but they came up short. J.J. Hardy homered twice and maybe because of that, Carlos Lee stares at his image. The Astros winning streak stops at 5 games, and thinking of it, that’s not bad at all, most especially for a ballclub used to early slumps and is going to play most of its April games away from Minute Maid Park.


Moehler was good tonight.. that’s about the only positive… I didn’t get to see the foul-ball jack that Berkman have, but from what I heard on the radio, it was a doozy.. It almost caused me to crash my car.. I was screaming stay fair! Stay fair!(Imagine if I was watching it) and then when it went foul I let at least one expletive fly and swerved back into my lane.

-Stros Bro

bah me and my typos… that Berkman “had”

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